Client Feedback

“When I was a teenager in New York City, my uncle took me for steam baths and massages and I have been getting massages regularly for the past 65 years.  John’s massage was the best I have ever had.”  Bernie R.


“John has totally redefined my concept and expectations of massage. His approach is therapeutically concise; calming yet firmly invigorating; miraculously effective against the stresses of physical pain and emotional disease. Expect to leave his massage a different person, with both body and mind massaged clean of knots.”  Erica J. LMT*


“John was able to go deep, like I requested, yet he was able to manipulate delicate areas.  Very well done!”  Mike H.


“I forgot my name.”  Lynn R.


“Pressure was well controlled, deep and defined.  Very well organized routine – fluid but focused; excellent coverage into muscle areas.”  Craig M.


“I liked the deeper and grounded effect of your work.”  Johanna G.,LMT*


“John’s hands seem to naturally tune into areas of long held tension and then skillfully get them to release and relax. Besides my exercise, yoga practice, and healthful eating, John's massages are a very significant, and beneficial component of my physical well-being.”  Deb W., Yoga instructor


“Appreciating your innate sense of the body and its structure… the limbs, the long fascial lines, the far-reaching impact of work done in one part of the structure on the other parts  ...  thoroughness and generosity of commitment to take the time to really engage in both detail and general over-all attention … effective integration of myofascial style with more classic Swedish into a very well-rounded and full technique”  Linda D., LMT*


“Something else which is evident is that this is an art for you as well as a science - you can feel the energy coming through your hands and this could be one of the most significant things, in my opinion, which sets you apart from other therapists I have visited.” Amanda H.



*LMT = is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has had 500 or more hours of education from a nationally accredited school and passed a national certification test (either from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork [NCBTMB] or Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards [FSMTB].


In California, these are the requirements to be a CERTIFIED THERAPIST, everyone else who is "licensed" is a PRACTITIONER not a therapist and does not have the same extensive education and training.  There is a huge difference.

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